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What is Herbal Science®?

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More is More

Exacting standards and equally precise manufacturing set our products above and apart. We expertly extract and concentrate all the beneficial nutrients from herbs, so your body can receive exceptional health benefits without having to eat an abundance of certain foods.

Unlike juicing or oils, which isolate ingredients and strip healthy aspects from plants, Sunrider® products provide a new level of nourishment that’s as close to nature as you can get.

Expertly Made, By Our Experts

Our owners are medical doctors, organic chemists, and herbalists—experts in the fields of health and science. While most companies hire or outsource their research, procurement, and formulation, we have the owner expertise to produce our products in our six innovative facilities worldwide using the most advanced pharmaceutical-grade machinery.

By owning more than one million square feet of plant space, including our chemistry and microbiology labs, we control every aspect of manufacturing—not a single production step is outsourced. It’s how we personally ensure the purity, integrity, safety, and effectiveness of every Sunrider® product. Without exception. In 2008, to meet the demands of our growing distribution network, we moved our primary research, development, and manufacturing operations to our Los Angeles Manufacturing Plant. This state-of-the-art facility exceeds the Good Manufacturing Practices set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In 2018, Sunrider’s Los Angeles Manufacturing Plant earned certification from NSF International, an accredited, independent certification body that tests and certifies products to verify they meet stringent public health and safety standards. From extensive equipment testing to material analysis, every aspect of a product’s development is thoroughly evaluated before it can earn NSF certification.

Non-GMO foods are becoming more and more popular with health-conscious consumers. Sunrider is proud to say that our foods, beverages, and supplements have always been non-GMO, meaning that they contain no Genetically Modified Organisms.

GMOs are plants or animals that have been genetically engineered to contain genes from an entirely different plant, animal, virus, or bacteria. This is done to cut costs by introducing genetic traits that help certain crops resist herbicides, pests, diseases, or environmental conditions; reduce spoilage; or improve the food’s nutrient profile.

Genetic modification has been on the rise since the 1990s. There are now nine genetically modified food crops on the market, and it’s estimated that over 75% of the processed foods available in the United States contain GMOs. Since genetic modification is a newer technique, it’s still unclear how altering food’s genetic structure can affect consumers’ health—the effects may only become clear in the longer term.

Sunrider’s Founder Dr. Tei-Fu Chen believes that, “nature is the best farmer.” All Sunrider® foods, beverages, and supplements are made from naturally occurring, non-GMO plant sources. You can rest assured that every Sunrider® product is safe, wholesome, and nutritious for you and your family.

Sunrider has always pursued ways to increase the satisfaction level of the consumers who use our products. Obtaining halal certification was another important benefit for our consumers, and we proudly display the halal-certified logo on our packaging. Halal certification by IFANCA (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America) represents a guarantee that what the consumer is purchasing is 100% halal.

In December 2006, five Sunrider® products, Veros®, Joi®, Top®, Sunrise®, and Korean White Ginseng, were granted certification by the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG), a laboratory that tests for banned substances. This certification allowed the Sunrider-sponsored Israeli Olympic Team to use these products as they trained for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Sunrider also received approval to use the BSCG logo and disclaimer on the labels of these five certified products, which joined a list of fifteen other Sunrider® products that had been approved previously by the Israeli Olympic Committee for use by its Olympic athletes.

BSCG uses cutting-edge anti-doping methodology for all analyses. The detection limits used by BSCG are the lowest detection limits for any similar program worldwide. Supplements certified by BSCG give their users greater confidence in knowing that a manufacturer is taking proper precautions to ensure that harmful anabolic agents, stimulants, and other potentially dangerous banned substances are not contained in their products.

In August 2005, Sunrider Israel signed an agreement with the Israeli Olympic Committee for the exclusive right of sponsorship of the Israeli Olympic Team in the category of manufacturer and marketer of Nutritional Supplements and Health Products. In conjunction with this partnership, Sunrider Israel was able to provide Israeli Olympic athletes with the highest quality supplements, vitamins, and minerals in the world.

Kosher-Certified Products
Sunrider understands that Kosher-certified products are important to many of its Independent Business Owners and consumers. Therefore, many of the products manufactured by Sunrider Manufacturing, L.P. are certified Kosher by Star-K, one of the most respected Kosher-certification agencies in the world. Sunrider® products that are certified by Star-K are also certified by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, which is the supreme Jewish religious governing body in the state of Israel, controlling many aspects of life, including Kosher certification.